Flipnote Studio 3D Arrives in America

By Lex Firth 10.02.2015 1

Flipnote Studio 3D Arrives in America on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Flipnote Studio 3D has been released in North America.

Club Nintendo users in the region are now able to freely redeem the game, which is a sequel to the free DSiWare app Flipnote Studio.

The app allows users to create short animations using the 3DS console's touch screen, and adds new features such as new pen colours and the ability to create 3D animations on three different planes.

However, while Flipnote Studio contained the ability to upload animations onto the Flipnote Hatena service to share them with the world, Flipnote Studio 3D does not provide the same function. The original Japanese version allows the sharing of creations online, but many of its functions were shut down due to concerns over the online safety of minors. Western users will still be able to share their creations between two 3DS consoles and download their old creations from the original Flipnote Hatena.

The release comes 18 months after the game's original intended release in August 2013, after the Western version was delayed due to server issues.

Flipnote Studio 3D is available now for all North American Club Nintendo users. The game will be released in Europe later in the year for users who register early for the forthcoming successor to the Club Nintendo service.

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Finnaly alright !.... I get to draw and animate on my 3ds in 3d! CoolSmilie

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