DKC: Tropical Freeze May Have Had Achievements

By Jorge Ba-oh 11.02.2015 4

DKC: Tropical Freeze May Have Had Achievements on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze may have had a form of achievements system, according to unused content on the game's disc.

The ambitious and highly praised Wii U platformer is packed to the brim with content, and it seems that developer Retro Studios had potentially been working on a achievement system to help players progress.

The Wii U's collection is notably absent of a centralised achievement system, despite Nintendo making some steps in online connectivity with Miiverse. It seems Tropical Freeze may have had some form of system in place, with unearthed data pointing to some form of progress indicators.

A few examples:

Defeated Pompy 
You defeated Pompy! You served that showy sea lion a slice of humble pie! 

All secret paths 
You opened all the secret paths! Kongs are natural-born explorers! 

Juicy Jungle revealed 
You can now explore Juicy Jungle! Ahh, refreshing! 

Music gallery filled 
You've filled the music gallery! Music to your ears! 

100 coins spent 
You've spent 100 coins! Big spender here!

Do you think such a system would have worked with Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze?

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I am rather annoyed that Nintendo mentioned "accomplishments" prior to the Wii U release, passed it off to developers to choose whether or not to include them, and then built no infrastructure to cater to developers that might have included them.

Their reasoning was interesting at the time but as loyal as I am to the house of Mario I consciously choose PlayStation versions of games that are released to the Wii U as well because:

1. I like the challenge trophies bring
2. I shamelessly want that pat on the back for doing things

I think the medal system in Pokemon Gen V (I think it was V?) was a lot of fun, and doing that globally on their consoles would be cool.

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This must mean metroid has achievments

EXCLUSIVE Opinions Of Randy Freer

Metroid Prime 3 had something of an achievement system though it wasn't really that clear what was needed to get them.

I'd rather just have in-game unlockables extras like in Smash Bros than what achievements offer on Xbox/Playstation.

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