Iwata on the Importance of Local Multiplayer

By Jorge Ba-oh 17.02.2015 1

Iwata on the Importance of Local Multiplayer on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Local multiplayer is still important, highlighted Nintendo boss Satoru Iwata during the latest financial results.

Within highlights of sales success and increasing momentum for 3DS and Wii U, Iwata also talked about the age-old multiplayer feature, particularly when playing with friends locally.

He feels that it's helped contribute to the success of Pokémon, Monster Hunter and Yokai Watch, and still has a "significant role in the expansion of handheld gaming systems."

Iwata feels local multiplayer creates a "fun environment where users teach one another," and how this aspect creates awareness by word-of-mouth, particularly where players will need to see these games first hand on Nintendo 3DS to gain an understanding of the 3D effect.

Do you think there's still room for local multiplayer?

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Iwata has been reading C3 articles! That's where this came from!

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