Mario Kart, Smash Bros. Build Wii U Momentum

By Jorge Ba-oh 17.02.2015 1

Mario Kart, Smash Bros. Build Wii U Momentum on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

During the Nintendo financial results briefing, Satoru Iwata discussed Wii U performance.

He begun by highlighting the impressive numbers for the console's critically acclaimed duo: Mario Kart 8, having shipped 4.77 million units globally by the end of last year, and Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, which shipped 3.39 million units.

Iwata also touched on hardware sales, noting how despite an increase in sales outside Japan, it seemed to decrease in Japan. He feels that "in addition to our offers not attracting consumers in the same way as the Premium Family Set bundles did in Japan in 2013, New Nintendo 3DS gained more attention than Wii U."

Nintendo are also looking to "enriching the value of the Wii U GamePad," continuing the projects that were highlighted by Shigeru Miyamoto last year. Some of these Wii U titles will be released in 2015.

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Do you think Nintendo can continue on an upward trend with Wii U in 2015 and beyond?

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Look at those Aussies go! 

Unfortunately for Nintendo I don't feel like they got as big as titles coming out this year. The only big launch that I can see shifting hardware is Zelda. I reckon software sales will be good for Starfox, Mario Maker and maybe Splatoon but I reckon X and other games will only get a select cult following. 

Of course, there are definitely some unannounced projects at the moment so we will just have to wait and see what happens! 

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