Amiibo Sales, Cards and 3DS Adapter Discussed

By Jorge Ba-oh 17.02.2015

Amiibo Sales, Cards and 3DS Adapter Discussed on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata spoke about amiibo figures during the latest financial results briefing.

During a meeting this morning, Iwata noted how 5.7 million units of amiibo had been shipped globally by the end of the year, and how the figures are doing well in the U.S., Canada and Australia markets.

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However, he also noted how some ended up being sold out and have found their way on auction sites, "something which none of us had predicted," he admitted.

About the future of the series - he discussed how some amiibo may become standard models, whilst others may be replaced. He wants amiibo to "maintain a constant presence in stores, which will be beneficial for all Nintendo platforms."

Who's the favourite? Iwata shared sales and sell-through figures for amiibo, but it may not be entirely representative as figures have been selling out fast.

Image for Amiibo Sales, Cards and 3DS Adapter Discussed
Image for Amiibo Sales, Cards and 3DS Adapter Discussed

To overcome some of these stock issues, Nintendo will also be making amiibo cards - as previously discussed - to be available at somepoint this year.

Those with Nintendo 3DS consoles who'd like to join in all the NFC fun can rest easy - the previously mentioned NFC adapter will be made available this summer.

Finally, Nintendo also confirmed a new free-download app that allows amiibo characters to unlock portions of classic SNES/NES titles - more details can be found here.

Be sure to join the conversation in our forums - where we've been talking about all things amiibo.

What do you think of Nintendo's approach to amiibo so far?

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