Gunman Clive 2 Competition Winners

By Jorge Ba-oh 24.02.2015 1

Gunman Clive 2 Competition Winners on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

It was a fierce shoot-up, a quick draw, but three winners have emerged victorious in our exclusive Gunman Clive 2 competition.

Earlier this month Cubed3 teamed up with Hörberg Productions to offer folk in the US the chance to win one of three copies of the critically acclaimed Nintendo 3DS sequel. Gunman Clive 2 sees the return of the sharp-shooting hero, as he faces ferocious prehistoric beasts, defies gravity and his joined by new allies in a challenging 2D platformer.


Congratulations to our winners:

  • Bryan Vidian
  • Danielle Helsby
  • Mitchell Magner
For more on the game, be sure to read our review.

Be sure to stick with Cubed3 for more exclusive competitions.

Box art for Gunman Clive 2

Hörberg Productions


Hörberg Productions


2D Platformer



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Bryan Vidian (guest) 25.02.2015#1

thankyou for the giveaway Smilie

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