Score a Hole in One in Flick Golf 3D

By Jorge Ba-oh 27.02.2015

Score a Hole in One in Flick Golf 3D on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Golfing enthusiasts can score a hole in one on Nintendo 3DS, with Flick Golf 3D swinging onto the 3DS eShop.

To launch in time for the 2015 Masters, the game will feature similar mechanics to the app store game, where players simply flick, spin and curve shots across the lush environments. Play on challenging courses in "Quickshot", compete for trophies in "World Tour", or put golf skills to the ultimate test in "Quickshot Pro."

The game will also make good use of the Nintendo 3DS stereoscopic screens to allow players to have improved judgement of where the balls in the space to "hit the shots of your dreams." 


Will you step onto the green in Flick Golf 3D?

Box art for Flick Golf 3D

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Full Fat





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