Sonic Still Being Considered for Consoles

By Jorge Ba-oh 01.03.2015 16

Sonic Still Being Considered for Consoles on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Sonic Team is still considering Sonic the Hedgehog for console platforms, studio head Takashi Iizuka confirmed in an interview this week.

Given the onslaught of negative feedback from critics on SEGA's latest attempt at revitalising the speedy hedgehog - Sonic Boom - it seemed that there may have well been a shift towards smartphones for the series - at least in the short term.

When asked, Iizuka responded quite simply "Personally, I don't plan to stop Sonic for home-video game consoles. Don't worry about them! And enjoy!"


How do you think SEGA can get Sonic back into shape on the console format? Which is your most favourite console entry in recent times?

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Are they threatening us?

Maybe they should try getting an established company to make a sonic game that might actually make a good one?

Return to the Generations format. It's perfect! No need for each game to be unique.

Ifrit XXII said:
Return to the Generations format. It's perfect! No need for each game to be unique.

Someone who knows his stuff! Smilie Generations was really good.

Where generations failed for me:
- 3D stages (particularly the Adventure ones) had horrible, really loose and slippery sections.
- Too much detail, so it lagged a lot in places.

It was better though, a good step up.

Cubed3 Admin/Founder & Designer

Where Sonic fails in general for me: it's a game about speed, but they keep hiding secrets in the levels. So I want to race through a level, but then I see a secret and I have to stop, grab it... build up speed, until I see the next secret... ugh, it's just such a bad combination.

I've also heard claims that Sega is giving up on consoles altogether, to move to exclusively mobile and PC games. Not a fan of that plan (if true), given I grew up with their systems from the SG-1000 to the Mega Drive. Never could find myself a Saturn or Dreamcast though.

They have released good Sonic games in recent years like Generations and even Colours, but they also have their share of duds. Hopefully they can get out another well received game soon.

Perhaps Sega should consider a 2.5D Sonic console game (in the style of the Donkey Kong Country series).

If they (officially) remade S3&K I would be all over that in an 'eartbeat!

Cubed3 Admin/Founder & Designer

imo sonic works best in 2D or on rails, sonic 1,2,3 and rush anything else has been ok at best. i wouldnt be against to a 2D sonic reboot, gorgeous visuals, some on rails sections. they should look to games like rayman legends and its fast moving levels where players jump to the beat, scram kitty and its railed environments to add variety, super mario bro and its power ups to effect the way that 2D sonic moves around his environment... basically 2D sonic... tails... and knuckles.. at a push

Been saying for long time, just fucking ditch 3D Sonic and go with Generations as a 2D benchmark.

Some 3D Sonic is passable, but it's usually never great or anywhere near Mario levels. Just ditch it, at least for a few years when you feel confident you know how to make it work and fun.

As it is, I don't give a shit if they stop making 3D Sonics. Just go back to proper 2D and bring HD Mega Drive versions to all platforms.

Sega have messed up with the 2D games as well. Sonic the Hedgehog Genesis is an infamous example, and the Sonic Rivals games were also quite awful in my opinion.

Though they do seem to have a better track record with 2D games. Their 3D games tend to get a lot of hate outside of certain titles like Generations, Colours and in a pinch, the daytime levels of Unleashed.

I admit I would have liked Secret Ring if it had a decent control scheme though.

Yeah, 2D is not exempt from that. That's why Generations is the only great 2D Sonic they've done for years, and they completely fucked it off afterwards. They haven't got a clue.

No love for Colours? D:

IMO Colours was better than Generations. I didn't like the art/graphic style in Generations as much. Still a great game though. I can't see why it's so hard to emulate their success of the 90's. How they fucked up Sonic 4 I'll never know. All they had to do was put back the 16 bit graphics and make a sequel to S&K. 

Sonic Advance and Rush (didn't like Rush adventures) were fantastic, I'd suggest to anyone who has g played them to pick them up. Especially Advance 2! 

Unleashed had plenty of promise too especially after '06 but those werehog segments were painful.

DK, Rayman and Mario have all shown that 2D platformers are still relevant so please, SEGA, Sonic Team, make one!!

I loved the 3D levels in Generations. They weren't aas trial and error as Unleashed and had more branching paths too. I would love a new game with both styles in again.

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