UK Chart Highlights VI | Potter Casts Spell Over Nintendo

By Adam Riley 09.06.2004 1

UK Chart Highlights VI...
...Nintendo's Potter Fixation

Vaguely Familiar
Think you missed much last week? Think that I am merely being lazy by not updating this article on a regular weekly basis? Well the sad truth of it all is that, as those of you who used to read the full chart listing I always posted will testify, there is not that much change week-in-week-out. Therefore it is much wiser to give things a break every now-and-then to keep the article as fresh as possible for you, the avid C3 reader!

Master Magician Monopolises Market!
A very tabloid-esque title shows how Harry Potter has swooped down once more to completely obliterate our fragile little minds, managing once more to suck in both children and adults alike with the charm of the third book being translated onto the big screen to great effect and even proving that EA can produce worthwhile licensed games if it actually tries! The game rises a massive 80% in sales this week thanks to the nationwide release of the spectacular Prisoner of Azkaban movie – helping it retain the No.1 game position, with UEFA Euro 2004 clinging on at No.2 thanks to the tournament reaching its commencement this weekend and interest already reaching bursting point.

Electronic Arts is doing even better than usual at the moment, purely thanks to some clever in-store promotional offers – so, as a result, Need for Speed Underground bounces back up four to No.3, The Sims rises seven to No.10 and The Sims: Bustin' Out up five to No.25. Other than that Nintendo has Pok

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