Nintendo to Host amiibo Tourneys in Japan

By Jorge Ba-oh 09.03.2015

Nintendo to Host amiibo Tourneys in Japan on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Over in Japan, Nintendo will be hosting Super Smash Bros. tournaments for Wii U - the twist, however, is that they will be for amiibo.

Those tricky figures are soaring in popularity, with a growing number released that are compatible with Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and Super Smash Bros.for Nintendo 3DS. In the games, players train their figures, raising their levels and drenching these characters in equipment. 

Now Nintendo are planning on taking things a bit further, with tournaments for those who have raised their amiibo characters. These will kick-off from 14th March at selected game and toy stores across Japan, with the prize being - a free amiibo figure, naturally.

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