King of Pirates 3DS Gets Cancelled

By Jorge Ba-oh 14.03.2015 3

King of Pirates 3DS Gets Cancelled on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Marvelous has confirmed that Kaio: The King of Pirates has been cancelled.

Originally devised by the father of Mega Man, Keiji Inafune, the game would have taken on a pirates theme on Nintendo 3DS, featuring an adorable penguin at the helm. When announced back in 2011, the studio had intended to turn King of Pirates into a series, with over 300 characters and a cross-media approach with merchandising.

It's suggested that due to the changes in market conditions, it wasn't financially viable to continue with the project, however.


Would you like to see King of Pirates resurrected from the depths of the digital ocean at somepoint?

Box art for Kaio: King of Pirates





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Woah! I completely forgot about this o_o

This is a real shame Smilie It's been a while since we've seen something like this (cutesy animal-mascot platformers) do well, and I expected great things from Inafune.

( Edited 14.03.2015 15:58 by JunkSnail )

A games that was announced and only had a cg trailer- no gameplay to speak of and years later, Keiji the producer still can't deliver mighty no.9 and has countless kickstarter campaigns which were all successful and he still has yet to deliver a single game except for ninja gaiden Yaiba, a game so bad it damaged the ninja gaiden brand.

kamiya was right about keiji- "he is a businessman, not a creator".

nobody will miss his penguin game.

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