Iwata Wants to Redefine the Nintendo Platform

By Jorge Ba-oh 17.03.2015 3

Iwata Wants to Redefine the Nintendo Platform on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Iwata wants to redefine what exactly the Nintendo platform is, given plans to develop applications for smart devices.

Nintendo today outlined a partnership with DeNA, with the pair working on titles for smart devices and PCs that take advantage of Nintendo's popular array of franchises. However, the Japanese gaming giant isn't giving up consoles just yet - with Iwata keen to "redefine what 'Nintendo platforms' mean."

Until now, when the word "platform" was used, it would generally refer to a Nintendo console, however with smartphones, it's offering a new challenge for the company in establishing just what is Nintendo's platform.

Are Nintendo wise to move into the smart device market?

User Poll: Are Nintendo Wise to Move into the Smart Device Market?

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its needed. they need to lose the toy/kiddy image and redefine themselves as an entertainment center: a powerful games hub.

ive said it before they need to bring back the gameboy/third pillar. a device foremost for gaming but with phone capabilities. aim the ds towards kids; be loud and proud about it and allow both devices to sync to the main hub.

preferably announce all three together under i unified code name and make sure at least 2 of the devices make use of the the latest mainstream tech and industry standard.

erc (guest) 18.03.2015#2

I'm not sure they need to go mobile, but they do need to redefine the Nintendo platform if they want to draw in more of the mature audience.  Yes we have the 25+ year olds that grew up with Nintendo, and remember Nintendo in its Heyday.  But there are a lot of new gamers out there and a lot of people that Nintendo does not cater to.  

They need to define themselves as not only a gaming company but also an essential company.  Return the title NES- Nintendo Entertainment System.  That was a powerful brand that they just let slip away.  Bring it back, and do it right

While I think adding mobile to the mix would be helpful to connect with your Nintendo account(we still arent there yet!) and Nintendo games more as a companion than actual games, I don't think its a cure all. 

I must admit I'm a little worried by the news. The mobile games market is over saturated as it is and any good idea Nintendo comes up within that gaming space will be ripped off almost immediately. 

I'm old enough to remember the gaming scene of the early eighties and to me the mobile games market shows a disturbing similarity to that period of gaming history. Over saturated, sameness, blatant rip off after blatant rip off and massive amounts of rushed, sloppily made cash ins. 

I just hope Nintendo have a clever strategy up their sleeves that will lead to more people buying there main consoles as well as playing these games.  Also hope they don't cheapen their franchises names with "lite" versions or faces slapped on irrelevant apps. 

Despite my fears I do believe they have franchises that would work beautifully on mobile devices, like Animal Crossing for example. It's a game that's made to be mobile, have as many people playing and interacting with each other as possible and perfect for short play sessions. Tamadachi Life, Pokémon Snap and the recent Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker also come to mind as perfect candidates for mobile gaming. 

I believe Nintendo could make this work, but i worry. 

( Edited 18.03.2015 20:25 by Trepe )

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