Super Mario 64 Remake in Unity

By Jorge Ba-oh 28.03.2015 1

Super Mario 64 Remake in Unity on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

A fan has been working on a remake of Super Mario 64 by using the Unity Engine.

The fan-favourite platformer, originally released on the Nintendo 64 many moons ago, is known for its groundbreaking approach to 3D platforming, with the porky plumber running about open levels in a 3D space for the first time.

Years later, fans still aim to remake the game with more modern visuals, and developer Roystan Ross has done just that - with a playable demo of the game's opening level, which can be run in the Browser by using the Unity Player:

What do you think of the remake - would you like to see a full version? Should Nintendo remake Super Mario 64 for home consoles?

Box art for Super Mario 64





3D Platformer



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Looks horrible :/

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