Capcom Holding Monster Hunter Event in May

By Jorge Ba-oh 31.03.2015 2

Capcom Holding Monster Hunter Event in May on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Over in Japan, Capcom will be holding an event for all things Monster Hunter this May.

Known as the Hunter's Gathering 2015, the event will feature exclusive goodies, celebrities, and a range of activities to honour the bestselling adventure franchise. No word on possible announcements for new projects, however with such a dedicated event, there may well be some news in store for Monster Hunter fans.

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate will no doubt make an appearance, with the game having had phenomenal success in the country so far.

Hunter's Gathering 2015 takes place on 31st May 2015.

What are you hoping to see from the event?

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Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Wii U any one ???????Smilie

curtiscdragon said:
Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Wii U any one ???????Smilie

I doubt it Monster Hunter fairs much better on handheld consoles in the west. Capcom will most likely begin work on MH 5 rather than another version of 4

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