Nintendo Direct Airing Tomorrow

By Lex Firth 31.03.2015 7

Nintendo Direct Airing Tomorrow on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

A Nintendo Direct will air tomorrow, as confirmed by Nintendo of America, Europe and UK on Twitter.

It may be April Fools' Day, but Nintendo are keen to stress that this is no joke - expect a host of exciting new announcements for both Wii U and 3DS owners. There hasn't been a Direct since January, so there should hopefully be a wealth of information on both new and already-revealed titles.

The show will air as follows:
UK: 1st April, 11pm
Europe: 2nd April, 12am
USA: 1st April, 3pm PT
Japan: 2nd April, 7am

As always, stay tuned to Cubed3 for all the news from the stream as it happens.

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New Metroid! (April Fools)
Fatal Frame/ Project zero 5 Localisation (April Fools)
New Zelda actually on time! (April Fools)
New Mario Galaxy (You guessed it, April Fools)
Splatoon changes into Mario game (Not April Fools)

Something like this. Go on Nintendo take a good jab. XD

edit: All Nintendo games going pay to win, Annoucement of WiiU2 and New New 3DS, Xenoblade Chronicles X cancelled etc...

another edit: I am being sarcastic :p

( Edited 31.03.2015 14:46 by Sandy Wilson )

Some guy on 4 Chan posted a few days ago that he was part of the German Direct translation team and that there would be a Direct on April 1, and he wrote a list of all the games involved.

Could be just a coincidence, but maybe he wasn't lying after all. I won't post any details here for those who want to be surprised, but it was a pretty solid direct by the looks of it.

Edit: Looks like he actually came out and said he was faking it, and the date being right is a coincidence. I'm even more excited now, lol.

I'm betting we get a Mewtwo / Miiverse / Tournament mode release date for Smash, maybe Splatoon Amiibo info, Xenoblade info... not sure what else. Nintendo hasn't announced much for Spring, so hopefully there'll be some surprises.

( Edited 31.03.2015 16:56 by crackedthesky )

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I wonder if there's anything we can glean from the time of the direct?

Most directs seem to air around 7 or 8 AM my time, but this one is at 5 PM here. Seems like there's something in there they really want everybody to see around the same time, but especially in North America and Japan.

It wouldn't surprise me to get some kind of Zelda-related news to drown out the negative reaction to the delay. A working title, new screenshots, a basic summary, anything at all.

I think they're probably going to announce a big title for June or July, something they want to get the press machine rolling for now because E3 is too late. Maybe localized Xenoblade X or even Star Fox. Probably a big focus on Splatoon; maybe even an Inkling Amiibo. More Fire Emblem 3DS or SMT x Fire Emblem news would be cool, especially considering the last direct unveiled a new Fire Emblem and there's a new SMT right around the corner.

Can I just say how much I love Nintendo Direct? It's like getting a mini E3 every month or two.

NNID: crackedthesky
My blog, mostly about writing:

There's been some suggestion that there'll be Devil's Third footage because German laws would mean that the stream would have to air later than usual (but I've heard nothing concrete on that).

Directs just have weird airing times in general. Sometimes they're at 2pm UK time, sometimes they're at 10am, and sometimes they're 10pm. Never this late, though.

I wonder if the lateness of the Direct in Europe is an indicator of what to expect. Like say, a new VC console popping up or a number of 3DS downloadables; putting the Direct at a time when not too many would watch it would ease strain on Nintendo's servers if said dedicated watchers hopped onto the eShop all at once.

Probably just looking into this too much. Smilie

( Edited 01.04.2015 11:01 by Phoenom )

Sandy Wilson said:
Fatal Frame/ Project zero 5 Localisation (April Fools)

OMG! Can't believe this wasn't and April fools!

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