NFC Keychains for The Snack World

By Jorge Ba-oh 07.04.2015

NFC Keychains for The Snack World on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

The much anticipated new mystery franchise from Level-5 has been revealed as The Snack World.

The Japanese development house has had a string of successes with new IPs in recent years, particularly with Yo-Kai Watch and Inazuma Eleven. The next contender for franchise stardom is a new "hyper casual fantasy" series known as The Snack World.

At launch, there will be 3DS, iOS and android game, together with a CG TV animé series, toys and movies, Level-5 are thinking big.

One of the mechanics in the series will be "Jara" items that are essentially small items bound to keychains. Interestingly, these items can transform into their full-size, life-like counterparts, and revert back after use. The key here, will be that the Jara items will use NFC technology to work like Nintendo's amiibo figures, being used to interact with the game on the New Nintendo 3DS touchscreen.

Curious? Have a glance at the concept in motion:


Are you hungry for The Snack World?

Box art for The Snack World








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