Shake Witnesses in The Great Ace Attorney

By Jorge Ba-oh 10.04.2015 3

Shake Witnesses in The Great Ace Attorney on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Players will be shaking down witnesses in The Great Ace Attorney.

Capcom have shared new details on how the courtroom antics will come into play in the new 3DS adventure. In the game, new protagonist Ryūnosuke Naruhodō will be weaving his defense skills to interrogate witnesses. 


This time round, players will be taking on several witnesses at one time, with the ability to "shake" a witness - even one without suspicion - to draw potential new details. Players may need to quickly investigate certain witnesses in the line-up, as well, if there's ever any that reacts rather suspiciously.

Finally, the crux of the courtroom sees the traditional "objection" being thrusted out - with players on edge to try and not get that all important "guilty" verdict.

What do you think of the new courtroom mechanics in the game?

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This looks cool. Hopefully it will get localised

Sounds similar to the courtroom mechanics of Phoenix Wright vs Professor Layton? I found the the crossover to be amazing, and AA5 to be rather lack-luster, so I've no problems with them taking some ideas from that. So long as the writing is better, and it actually gives you a chance to figure things out before making solutions obvious - my main gripe with AA5.

it was probably just for the sake of the trailer but i would love if there is voice acting in the games.

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