Peculiar Super Smash Bros. Mewtwo Glitch Prevents Online Play

By Jorge Ba-oh 16.04.2015 1

Peculiar Super Smash Bros. Mewtwo Glitch Prevents Online Play on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Play Super Smash Bros. online? Don't complete 10-Man Smash with Mewtwo just yet!

Some fans who have downloaded the psychic Pokémon character as part of the Club Nintendo rewards scheme this week have been plagued by issues to save files triggered by a peculiar glitch. 

It appears that those who have cleared 10-Man Smash with all characters, including Mewtwo, could end up with corrupted save data. Not good. Because of this, online play becomes prevented as the game thinks that the file is "irregular."

It also appears that the issue is only affecting the Wii U version of the game, with multiple reports of unhappy folk now unable to pummel other Smashers online.

Have you experienced any issues with Mewtwo, or the game, since downloading the DLC?

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Whew..... great news..... heard there working on a patch for that

I Would be upset if I was never able to take my Mew 2 online....Be on the look out for the patch COOL PEACE FAM.... Smilie

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