What Kind of Animal is Yoshi? Zoology Museum of UCL Investigates

By Glenn 18.04.2015

What Kind of Animal is Yoshi? Zoology Museum of UCL Investigates on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

To tie in with a current exhibition looking at how animals have been represented throughout time, the Grant Museum of Zoology (part of University College London) has posted a detailed analysis of Yoshi's features in an attempt to fit it into the tree of life as it is currently known.

While often cited as a dinosaur, Mario's adorable companion Yoshi is difficult to place, with an odd mix of features from the ability to roll into an egg or even temporarily grow wings, as Museum Curator Mark Carnall notes.

Take a stroll over to the Grant Museum's blog to satisfy your taxonomic curiosity.

Dinosaur, chameleon or weird tortoise? What do you think about Yoshi's extended family tree?

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