MusiCube | Splice, The Epilogue Soundtrack: Algorithms and Angelology (Album Review)

By David Lovato 19.04.2015

Cipher Prime has put together two soundtracks for its puzzle game Splice, both by programmer and composer Dain Saint. The first of these soundtracks, Flight of Angels, consists of tunes meant to accompany the main game. After that comes Algorithms and Angelology, the musical movement set to the game's more challenging epilogue.
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Flight of Angels is a beautiful but somewhat repetitive soundtrack. Its structure works well for the puzzle game it accompanies, but individual tracks lack personality. Algorithms and Angelology improves upon this in every way. Each of the tracks is reminiscent of each other (and the former soundtrack), but mostly stand alone, carrying their own weight and offering their own tone to the mix.

The tracks waver more, some of them being quick or loud, while others take their time and ease themselves along. These are still piano-based tunes that encourage puzzle-solving with little distraction, but they are more present than the ones on Flight of Angels. The opening track, "Ariadne," begins with a similar backing tune to those found on the first soundtrack, but it soon deviates into its own style, something the rest of the tracks build upon. The album's emotional closer "Reflection" is gorgeous.

Rated 8 out of 10

Great - Silver Award

Rated 8 out of 10
Algorithms and Angelology improves upon Flight of Angels by being more unique and expressive. Each track stands out without breaking the unobtrusive puzzle-game model, and the songs convey emotion without interrupting the player's thought process. Where Flight of Angels gracefully glides, Algorithms and Angelology majestically soars.

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