NicoNico to Air Splatoon Live Streams

By Jorge Ba-oh 20.04.2015

NicoNico to Air Splatoon Live Streams on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Japanese website NicoNico Chokaigi will be hosting various Splatoon live stream sessions this week.

It's time to get those ink guns ready and loaded, as the squids will take centre stage on 01:15 AM GMT 25th April and 26th April, showcasing various aspects of the upcoming Wii U shooter. In the game, players team up in a bid to splatter as much of their own coloured ink across enclosed levels as part of "Turf Wars", or embark on a solo challenge against the devious Octopus army.

The game will also be based on the latest build, so expect refined mechanics, possible new areas and features to be discussed.

What are you hoping to see from the live stream sessions this week?

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