Is Fire Hopping Still Relevant in Mario Kart 8?

By Jorge Ba-oh 27.04.2015

Is Fire Hopping Still Relevant in Mario Kart 8? on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

With Mario Kart 8 now racing along at increased speeds, fans are questioning whether the "fire hopping" technique is still relevant.

The ability was plagued Mario Kart 8 players, with those who know how to use it - successfully - gaining the upper-hand with an extra dollop of speed. There's still debate as to whether fire hopping has a place in the game, though, particularly in the "Time Trial" mode.

With 200cc now in play, some players feel that the technique has either been removed, or whether it's even worth doing with everyone already zipping about like frantic bunnies in go-karts.

Kotaku's round-up of commentary across the internet highlights an interesting set of contrasting opinion - is fire hopping still relevant?

Do you fire hop and is there a place for it in Mario Kart 8?

User Poll: Is Fire Hopping Still Relevant in Mario Kart 8?

Yes, it's an added skill
No, away with Fire Hopping!
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