Play Splatoon Global Testfire Demo Online this Weekend

By Jorge Ba-oh 07.05.2015 1

Play Splatoon Global Testfire Demo Online this Weekend on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Join the rest of the world this week in heated online Turf Wars with a free demo of Splatoon for Wii U.

Before launching in stores later this month, Nintendo would like to get fans playing the game in dedicated online battle sessions. In order to join in, simply download the Splatoon Global Testfire demo and run the game during certain periods to play:

GMT Playtimes

  • Saturday May 9th: 4 - 5am GMT
  • Saturday May 9th: 12 - 1pm GMT
  • Saturday May 9th: 8 - 9pm GMT

PST Playtimes

  • Friday May 8th: 8-9pm PST
  • Saturday May 9th: 4 - 5am PST
  • Saturday May 9th: 12 - 1pm PST


During the Global Testfire demo, players will play through 4-vs-4 online Turf War matches, winning the game by simply covering  the ground with as much ink as possible, whilst avoiding rivals.

Will you join in the Global Testfire sessions this weekend?

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Got to play tonight and it was awesome!

Lots of fun to play and try out different strategies. I think I played on three different levels.

Only got to try two of the four weapons (mainly because I started playing and was having so much fun I didn't think to try something else until about 15 minutes to go).

Had zero connection issues until the last couple of minutes, but I'm pretty sure that was because they started turning off the servers. The rest of the time had zero lag and zero disconnects.

Probably won't get to play again tomorrow, but I will definitely be getting the game later this month!

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