Feature | Lights, Camera, Action! Talking Pictures Podcast: Episode 01 Preview

By Freda Cooper 26.05.2015 1

Image for Feature | Lights, Camera, Action! Talking Pictures Podcast: Episode 01 Preview
Listen up - literally! Cubed3's resident film critic is launching herself onto the airwaves. Freda Cooper's Talking Pictures, the essential guide to the movies, arrives as a podcast this Thursday, 29th May. New releases and DVDs, The Big Interview, the top five at the British Box Office, and the week's movie news are all just part of the mix.

Before then, here's a taste of what's to come in a ten minute pilot version:

To stay up to date with the latest on Talking Pictures, 'Like' the Talking Pictures Facebook page and follow Freda on Twitter.

Also, don't miss the Talking Pictures podcast on Thursday!

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Excellent work, Freda! Looking forward to the full debut show Smilie

Adam Riley [ Operations Director :: Senior Editor :: Cubed3 Limited ]
Watch Adam on the BBC! | K-Pop Korner FB Page | Voice123 Profile | AdamC3 on Twitter

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