C3 Plays | Splatoon Let's Play Playthrough

By Jorge Ba-oh 30.05.2015

C3 Plays | Splatoon Let

Suzie and I sat down to play through the Splatoon single player mode, a challenging set of platforming levels and bosses to blast through for good practice.

Whilst the core component of Nintendo's frantic multiplayer shooter has to be the competitive and rather addictive online mode, the game does pack in a solid single-player mode that offers a series of missions, each with their own nifty gameplay twist.

New episodes of the Splatoon let's play playthrough will be aired each day on the Cubed3 YouTube channel, so be sure to subscribe!


Be sure to read our Splatoon Wii U review for more details on the game and what's in store for future Splatoon DLC.

What are your thoughts on the Splatoon single player mode?

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