The Battle Cats Coming to 3DS

By Lex Firth 31.05.2015 1

The Battle Cats Coming to 3DS on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

The latest Japanese Nintendo Direct has confirmed a new game for the 3DS eShop: The Battle Cats.

Originally a free-to-play mobile game, The Battle Cats puts the player in control of an army of cats bent on taking over the world. Over time, the army is expanded with new types of cats, which can be evolved into even wackier specimens.


The Battle Cats is available now on the Japanese eShop at 777 yen (in contrast with its free-to-play model on mobile devices). A Western release has yet to be announced.

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Brock (guest) 04.06.2015#1

i always loved Battle Cats but for some odd reason, I'm not to sure about having it on the DS. It does look really good and all but how can you get more cat food and I don't exactly like how you have to wait for energy and when some cats die that they just fly onto the screen. It just makes it more distracting for me but the background still looks pretty nice. I do t know if I'm exited or not but eventually someone's just going to hack the game with PowerSaves which is just what I've been waiting for ;P I've already Beaten the game on the old English version (before legend mode and cat capsules were implemented) and the newer version (2.0)

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