Watch the Japanese Nintendo Direct Again

By Jorge Ba-oh 31.05.2015 1

Watch the Japanese Nintendo Direct Again on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Nintendo of Japan held a quick Nintendo Direct session earlier today, revealing a selection of new games.

Presented by a new face this time round, Morimoto, the half-hour broadcast ticked off various new games in the Nintendo's 3DS and Wii U rosters - including Monster Hunter Diary for Nintendo 3DS, Monster Hunter X for 3DS, pill pushing with a new Dr. Mario for 3DS and Super Mario Galaxy on the Wii U Virtual Console.

There was also a glimpse at a new town-defense mode in Fire Emblem If.

Catch up on all the action with the 31st May Nintendo Direct below:


Which of these games are you looking most forward to playing?

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I don't want to read too much into this...but it's interesting they had a direct with new game announcements just ~2 weeks before E3. Some cool things were announced (Dr. Mario, Chibi-Robo, Mario & Sonic, Splatoon DLC), but at the same time nothing exactly major. Almost seemed like "overflow" as they are finalizing their Digital Event and decided those few games didn't fit in.

Time will tell...almost E3 time!!

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