FIFA 16 Benched for 3DS and PS Vita

By Jorge Ba-oh 31.05.2015 6

FIFA 16 Benched for 3DS and PS Vita on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Nintendo 3DS and PS Vita will lack the FIFA football experience this year, as EA passes on handhelds.

Speaking to PocketGamer this week after the announcement of FIFA 16, publisher EA confirmed that "there isn't a Vita or 3DS version," and that details on mobile platforms aren't available yet. FIFA 15 was available on Nintendo 3DS last year as part of the multiplatform line-up, but it seems core handheld platforms will be missing out on the latest footy fixture.

Does FIFA deserve a place on handhelds?

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They were just awful roster updates anyway. They gave up on these platforms a long time ago.

Really glad to see women in FIFA 16, though. Way overdue.

Does FIFA deserve a place on handhelds?

Does FIFA deserve a place anywhere? /political Smilie

( Edited 31.05.2015 16:49 by Darkflame ) <-- Tells some truly terrible tales.
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Be interesting to see what the future holds for the series/game brand with the current goings-on. Big calls for UEFA to boycott FIFA and the 2018 WC, and I'm personally in huge favour of the big nations dropping out entirely and forming a new organisation. If such a thing happened, would people buy the game in truckloads if England, Germany, the Netherlands, and their leagues, etc weren't in the game any more? Would have massive implications if you lose the Premier League, in particular. I don't intend to support the game in the slightest, even if it's great to get women at last, but curious to see what's gonna happen in relation to the game if major boycotts are made.

I think people should have more reasons to boycott EA in recent years than won't happen. The people who buy and play FIFA wouldn't careless about the politics of the game. 

Also, maybe this is EA's way of saying that it will be coming to New 3DS/PSVita2 (oooooh E3 spoilers!) 

I do sincerely not think Sony will work on a new handheld. It has gone horribly for them so far, despite vita being a good system. I think Sony sadly does better just focusing on home consoles. Really sad as I see more good games arriving on the PS Vita than PS4.

The difference between illusion and reality is vague to the one who suffers from the former and questionable for the one suffering form the later.

Flynnie said:
I think people should have more reasons to boycott EA in recent years than won't happen. The people who buy and play FIFA wouldn't careless about the politics of the game.

No, they care about who is in the game.

This isn't about normal people and buyers of the game boycotting the game - it's about major football associations boycotting the FIFA organisation. Therefore, if that happened, and it led to those major associations being absent from the game, people would very likely not end up buying the game in their droves. The English league is the most popular league in the world. If it was not in the game, people would go elsewhere. That's provided a different publisher picked up the rights for any leagues that exit FIFA, though. Say Konami picked them up, people would flock to PES.

This is all theoretical, though, and it wouldn't happen any time soon, but it's certainly a possibility.

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