Nintendo NX Won't Use Android

By Jorge Ba-oh 02.06.2015 3

Nintendo NX Won

Nintendo have commented on recent rumours that the company's next console platform, Nintendo NX, would use Android.

Speaking to The Wallstreet Journal, a Nintendo representative stated that "There is no truth to the report saying that we are planning to adopt Android for NX." Earlier this week Japanese newspaper Nikkei had suggested, from an insider source, that Nintendo NX would use Android, the open-source platform that's been developed by Google.

Codenamed NX, Nintendo are currently working on next generation tech - but the exact concept still remains shrouded in mystery. There won't be any NX related announcements over the coming weeks, either, as Nintendo confirmed no NX at E3.

Do you think Nintendo should consider using a third-party platform for the NX base?

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I think that's for the better.

Seemed like a weird rumor to randomly pop up.

Comments going around that Nikkei has been right on some other things in the past that Nintendo previously denied, but later turned out to be true... I wouldn't say this is completely dead in the water just yet, but who knows.

I wondered if this was perhaps a misunderstanding of Nintendo's and DeNa's partnership, and perhaps stems from something they are testing for current Android devices as part of their new account system.  If Nintendo does go Android, I wonder how backwards compatibility is going to fare.  That has been one thing going for Nintendo devices as of late: they play the last generation's software still.

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