Nintendo & Camelot | Golden Sun GameCube Finally!

By Adam Riley 24.06.2004 1

Golden Sun...
...Finally on GameCube?

Whilst browsing through the latest issue of UK magazine NGC, something interesting popped up from within the midst of the the E3 coverage. Based at the top of Page 35 is a small snippet of text, with the beginning actually cut off (making us wodner just what is says...), that covers something very interesting indeed. Here is what it says in full:

"And Golden Sun for GameCube? Game Boy franchises such as Advance Wars and Fire Emblem are coming to GameCube, so will the Takahashis [the brains behind GS] follow suit and make a proper home version of their highly rated RPG? The question elicited a lengthy discussion with the minder, much laughter, and: 'Personally we would very much like to see it. We wonder what it would look like...' Cue even more laughter, and a nervous look from the minder. That's as good as a 'yes' for us. So now you know."

Simply more speculation or a valid piece of news? The latter is more likely, since the Takahashis were obviously being overly coy, which is usually a clear sign that something is going on. Plus there has been talk of a Camelot RPG since the GC was released...

Keep it locked to C3 for further news...

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