US Sales | Nintendo Bucks Downward Trend

By Adam Riley 25.06.2004 1

US Sales...
...Not as Healthy as Last Year!

Software sales at this time of year have dropped a massive 15.9% since the same period in 2003 according to the latest data from NPD. The slide has been attributed to the lack of major May releases, whereas last year saw the likes of NBA Street Vol.2 perform extremely well and the unstoppable Enter the Matrix ripping up the chart. The lull could also stem from the fact that this year many companies are holding off their best material until the second half of the year...

On a platform-by-platform basis, Nintendo's Game Boy Advance fell the greatest distance with a drop off of 23.1%, the PS2 followed closely and took an 18.5% knock and the XBOX rounded off the poor showings by slipping 7.7% in the rankings. Overall unit sales revenue was affected as follows:

2003 - US$1.71 billion
2004 - US$1.69 billion

However, in a rather surprising event, the Nintendo GameCube totally bucked the downward trend thanks to continued sales of Pok

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