Lights, Camera, Action! | Talking Pictures Podcast: Episode 04

By Freda Cooper 20.06.2015

Image for Lights, Camera, Action! | Talking Pictures Podcast: Episode 04
It's not just the end of the week, it's the best time of the week for film fans, because the new edition of the Talking Pictures podcast is here.

The essential guide to the movies, hosted by Lights, Camera, Action!'s Freda Cooper, is packed with reviews of the latest movies and DVDs, plus the new top five at the British Box Office, and the week's movie news.

New release Mr. Holmes is in the spotlight, with its star, Ian McKellen, in the hot seat for The Big Interview, and Freda also casts a critical eye over Argentinean Western, The Burning, as well as comedy release, Accidental Love. Additionally, on DVD, there's Selma and Love is Strange, so be sure to settle down, put those headphones on, and prepare for 20 minutes of movie magic:

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