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By Adam Riley 21.06.2015 2

Most readers will know by now how much the Cubed3 team loves its audio systems, but what about something comfortable to sit in whilst playing games, working away, or simply chilling out to some cool music? Xenta hopes to have the perfect solution for everyone's gaming needs with its new Pedestal Gaming Chair, which is the focus of this latest Tech Up! feature…

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Arriving in a dauntingly large box, and being carefully unpacked to reveal a plethora of parts all waiting to be pieced together, the idea of constructing the Xenta Pedestal Gaming Chair is not the most enticing. However, a quick scan over the easy-to-read instruction slip included shows that whilst complicated-looking on the surface, trepidation is unnecessary, and indeed in the end it only took around 15-20 minutes to get the chair fully assembled and ready for action (width: 650mm x height: 460mm x depth: 520mm, for those interested).

This is one impressive chair, even from just the point of view of being able to kick back and relax in it, listening to music plugged into the side panel and blaring through the built-in 2.1 speakers on either side of the head support, complete with beefy bass. Hook it up to gaming systems and enjoy the atmospheric worlds being traversed, almost as if being directly there - the added sense of immersion is nearly as effective as having satellite speakers around the room. Even just connecting an audio cable from something as simple as the Nintendo 3DS to the chair makes a radical difference. How about if a game does not particularly have the best soundtrack, though? Simply get an MP3 player or mobile phone slotted in (compatible with all consoles, media players and video devices) and chill out to whatever soundtrack appeals, adjusting bass and volume levels with a mere tap or two of the panel beneath the right-side curved armrest. It really is very versatile and not overly expensive either for something that will last the duration of this console generation and beyond. There is even an option to use the headphone port, so gaming systems can be plugged into the chair and a headset also connected to give others peace and quiet…or, alternatively, forget the concept of noise pollution and just connect up more than one chair using the audio output to get friends in on the action.

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Sleek and stylish in appearance, this looks like one of those swanky leather seats only important folk have in their study, with them swivelling around, villain-style, to ask why they are being bothered in a calm-yet-menacing tone…possibly stroking a mean looking cat, as well. There are no wheels on the base, but once in the ideal location, there is really no need to move it around, and the fact that its height can swiftly be adjusted by the under-chair lever and spinning around to greet people becomes second nature, wheels will not be missed.

There are two drawbacks with this chair, sadly, that prevent it from being the perfect solution. The first is the loose ("adjustable") headrest that never quite sits in the ideal position for an upright seating position, digging into the back of the neck unless shuffled about a bit. The second is that a cushion may be needed for those less sprightly folk out there that sometimes suffer from lower back pains, since there is zero lumbar support and being sat for long periods will indeed result in an aching feeling either during a gaming session or, most certainly, when getting up for that much needed toilet break or, heaven forbid, going for actual sleep!

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Rated 8 out of 10

Great - Silver Award

Rated 8 out of 10
Very stylish in design and extremely comfortable for extended usage (for the majority), the added bonus is that this Xenta Pedestal Gaming Chair houses a fantastic speaker set within its back, with sound pouring out just above shoulder level to help make gaming in this cool contraption even more immersive than before. Some may need a cushion to support their lower back and the headrest is a bit too loose at times when sitting upright rather than lay back, but these are minor quibbles in the grand scheme of things. Xenta has crafted a stunningly impressive piece of kit for gamers to relax in, enhancing their experience in the process.

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99.99 euro and free delivery? What a steal! This chair looks like it has it all. Might be on my wishlist when I fix up and upgrade my writing study sometime this summer (currently it is a storage room.....).

One question, how many adjustable things are there on the chair? I truly enjoy moving around when I sit in a chair and change positions regularly. That is important in me in an office chair as sometimes I just want to lay down and sometimes I want to sit straight.

The difference between illusion and reality is vague to the one who suffers from the former and questionable for the one suffering form the later.

Sadly, this didn't turn out to be as flexible or as sturdy as first hoped. It was comfortable and the speakers are fantastic, but it creeks and groans so much that it's embarrassing and I stopped using it. We have it downstairs for guests to chill out on...but even then they get confused because it squeaks if they move too much.

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