Nintendo Character Profile | Rouge the Bat

By Adam Riley 28.06.2004 1

I may be a bat... ...but I've got large breasts... ...and everyone wants my 'services'! Rouge the Bat
And they say GameCube is too "kiddie"...

Profile by Connor Brinsmead [ Thief101 :: Freelance Writer ]

Rouge is a bewitching young woman overflowing with feminine charm. At first glance she appears to be a rather careless character, but you could not be more wrong. Never will she just grit her teeth and dive in. Rouge has no morality and will do whatever it takes to get to her goal...Hey, she has big boobs after all!

Age: 17 years old and already fully developed. Heh heh.

Species: Rouge is a bat that has somehow grown to be as large as a human. Weird.

Location: As a Treasure Hunter, she is usually travelling the world in search of valuable jewels. You might also find her pestering Knuckles who happens to be the guardian the Master Emerald, a very BIG jewel. Huh, you do the math.

Birth: How should I know? Were her mother and father freakishly large bats, too? And just how did they copulate? So many questions, so many blank gazes...

Main Features: Well, white fur covers her slim figure. She has big ears, long eyelashes, blue eye shadow and gorgeous deep-green eyes...that is all...Ah, who am I kidding. This bat has the biggest breasts in the history of Nintendo characters! How could anybody call Sonic Adventure 2: Battle a "kiddie" game with her in it?

Clothing: Well, She certainly does not dress in a way that a mother or a grandma would approve of or appreciate. So far she has dressed in two different outfits; one, in which she wears tight black leather pants and a pink heart-shaped shirt; the other appears to be a metal bikini top and metal short-shorts. And

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