Nintendo of America Stays Silent on Devil's Third

By Lex Firth 27.06.2015 3

Nintendo of America Stays Silent on Devil

Concerns have been mounting amongst fans exciting for the North American release of Devil's Third following a lack of information from Nintendo of America.

During this year's E3, when asked about the game, Nintendo of America's Senior Director of Corporate Communications responded, "I don't have anything for you on Devil's Third. Sorry."

The game has also been pulled from the Nintendo eShop's "Future Releases" section, despite having been there since its announcement at E3 2014.

Despite this, Devil's Third producer Tomonobu Itagaki has confirmed via his Facebook page that he will still be releasing the game in North and South America. He did not make reference to Nintendo in his comment.

Fans have suggested that Nintendo may have lost confidence in the game in other regions - it's an Amazon exclusive in Japan, which is almost unheard of in the country.

Devil's Third was originally developed for THQ for a 2013 release on Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. Following THQ's closure, Nintendo gained publishing rights and the game will now release exclusively on Wii U on 28th August in Europe.

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The only footage we saw of the game looked pretty awful, if I recall.

Last years footage looked awful but the new trailer from this years E3 looked much improved. I just can't see it doing well at all which is not good for a game focused on online multiplayer. Nintendo's utter lack of support doesn't help either.

It looked more like Red Steel last E3, however it now looks like the generic hack and slash shooter that adourned the 360/PS3 generation. It wouldn't be bad to pick this up on the dirt cheap but I am definitely not willing to part ways with £40 for this game!

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