Engine Software Working on Mighty No. 9 Port

By Jorge Ba-oh 27.06.2015

Engine Software Working on Mighty No. 9 Port on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

The portable versions of Mighty No. 9 are being built from the ground up, the studio has confirmed.

Speaking to Siliconera at E3, associate producer Nick Yu stated that the Nintendo 3DS and PS Vita editions are being handled by a different team - ported by the folk at Engine Software. The independent team are having to "rebuild the game from scratch because of the difference between the console versions and handheld versions."

Yu did confirm, though, that there "might be a little bit of a graphical downgrade just because it's on a handheld, but the gameplay and everything else is intact."

Are you planning on playing Mighty No. 9 on 3DS or PS Vita?

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