Pokémon Shuffle Coming to iOS and Android

By Lex Firth 29.06.2015 2

Pokémon Shuffle Coming to iOS and Android on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

The Pokémon Company have announced that Pokémon Shuffle is making the leap from the 3DS eShop to Apple and Android devices.

Pokémon Shuffle Mobile takes the gameplay of the free-to-play match-three puzzler and brings it to the App Store. From the information released so far, it doesn't appear that much has been changed in the transition, meaning that players will still be forming a team of four Pokémon to take into each stage, with type matchups and Mega Evolutions affecting the gameplay.

Pokémon Shuffle Mobile arrives on iOS and Android soon. A beta version of the app will run for 10,000 players in Japan on Android platforms between 30th June and 14th July. No similar promotion has been announced for the Western market.

Check out the trailer below:

Box art for Pokémon Shuffle

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Pretty much a perfect fit, since this is the type of game that works great on a smartphone. No real surprise it's making it's way to Android and iOS and definitely a good business move.

I had a little go of the 3DS version and it seemed pretty good for a free game.

This game is sooo addicting on the 3DS.

The nature of the available gem purchases will be perfect for a mobile audience too.

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