Zelda Maker Would be a Challenge to Make

By Jorge Ba-oh 29.06.2015 6

Zelda Maker Would be a Challenge to Make on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Super Mario Maker producer Takashi Tezuka was asked about whether Nintendo would consider a Zelda Maker.

Fans have been clamouring for a way of, officially and easily, crafting custom Super Mario Bros. levels since the series began, and Super Mario Maker unlocks the potential on Wii U. Using a palette on the console's GamePad, it's quick to pick and drop tiles, enemies and level objects to form challenging, bizarre and impossible stages.

How about other Nintendo franchises, however, with a wide range of faces for the company to create "Maker" games with.


When asked about a potential Zelda maker, Tezuka expressed how he feels it would be a "challenge to make" and how it "might be a difficult task" to create such a game, given how difficult creating Super Mario Maker was.

Could a Zelda Maker work?

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Doing a full Zelda would be hard, but you could probably doing a tile based overhead dungeon.

A bit like Chips Challenge. That had a editor.

Anyone remember that?

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Wasn't the first Zelda meant to be like that to begin with? D:

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The difficult thing about Mario Maker was mostly making it easy to approach to people who are not in game design or development, I'm sure. There have been Mario Editors for PC for years, but they're just not very user friendly. There have also been Zelda Editors, but, again, these are complex to use, and to make anything worthwhile out of them, you've got to be able to create your own scripts for events in the game, in short, you have to know a minimum about programming. Mario is easier I guess in that it's mostly physics based, not so much event based like a Zelda is, so a "Mario Maker" works better with a large audience in mind I guess?

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Yeah, what Rudy said. If you start getting too complex with it, you lose a mass audience and it will only be entertaining and accessible for a small amount of people. Mario is sort of perfect for this type of thing.

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Darkflame said:
Doing a full Zelda would be hard, but you could probably doing a tile based overhead dungeon.

A bit like Chips Challenge. That had a editor.

Anyone remember that?

Loved that game xD

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Even though I'd love it as a big Zelda fan, I also don't think it would ever work. They wouldn't be able to let you build complete worlds, so then it would be limited to linear levels or dungeons.

Can you imagine asking your family to go make a Zelda dungeon together?? I doubt it will have the desired effect.

Metroid would be easier to make, but it has similar problems. These games work because they have huge overworlds. Mario has always been built with separate levels, that's why SMM makes so much sense.

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