Great Ace Attorney Launch Trailer, Adverts

By Jorge Ba-oh 29.06.2015

Great Ace Attorney Launch Trailer, Adverts on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Great Ace Attorney is launching in Japan next month - check out a new trailer from Capcom.

19th century sleuthing antics are the order of the day, as the new adventure stars Phoenix Wright's ancestor Ryūnosuke, and judicial assistant Susato Mikotoba. The pair travel to United Kingdom during the tale, working with renowned detective Sherlock Holmes.


Great Ace Attorney is also on TV, with a handful of new adverts in Japan that feature a pair of comedians as Sherlock Holmes and Watson.





Capcom will be holding an event for the game in Osaka and Tokyo, where fans will be able to meet and greet Director Shu Takumi, and Producer, Shintaro Kojima. 

There'll also be giveaways, a chance to meet voice actors and more - with tickets available via a lottery for those who buy the game.

Would you play through a localised Great Ace Attorney?

Box art for The Great Ace Attorney








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