Introducing Tower Control for Splatoon

By Jorge Ba-oh 30.06.2015 1

Introducing Tower Control for Splatoon on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Nintendo have officially showcased the "Tower Control" mode as part of the upcoming Splatoon update.

The mode, which will be added to Rank Battle alongside Splat Zones, was previously leaked by fans as part of a Splatoon data-mine, but has now been revealed by Nintendo today.

The aim of the game is to ride a tower, that's placed at the centre of a map, towards the enemy base - one player from the team hops onboard, whilst others form a defense as it moves towards the enemy turf. 

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Tower Control will be available to play from 7pm PT, 10pm ET on 1st July (2am GMT, 3am CET 2nd July).

Those wanting a sneak peak into how Tower Control works, Nintendo Treehouse will be showcasing the feature at 3pm PT, 6pm ET, 1pm GMT tonight, 30th June (12am CET, 1st July).

Splatoon live on Twitch

Will you try out Tower Control in Splatoon this week?

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Happy to see the Treehouse gang back again so soon. Love watching them play new games.

EDIT: Glad I clicked on the Twitch link and saw that the demo is at 6pm EST, not 8pm as listed in the article. I would have missed it! The other times listed are correct.

( Edited 30.06.2015 19:47 by Sonic_13 )

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