Nintendo Speaks Out on Devil's Third

By Jorge Ba-oh 12.07.2015 1

Nintendo Speaks Out on Devil

Nintendo have spoken out on the Devil's Third situation, in a tweet addressed to fans this week.

The game, which boasts a gritty, mature storyline, has been missing in action over the last few months from Nintendo's promotions - particularly at this year's E3 Expo. Earlier this week it was reported that Nintendo of America won't be handling publishing duties for the eagerly anticipated game, but another publisher will be stepping into take their place.

Now Nintendo of America have teased more details to "share soon" and how the company are "excited to bring the game to Wii U."

Do you think another publisher should bring the game to North America?

Box art for Devil's Third

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Paladinrja (guest) 12.07.2015#1

Oh yes, most definitely... another publisher should benefit from Nintendo's financial and corporate support in bringing this title into reality because a buncha socialized loudmouths said so...

Why not write up an article about how fundamentally imbecilic it is that people trend on rumour without using their common sense and how this had led to the Wii U's woes. Then explain that when developers cite the 'install base' as the reason why they do not bring their games to the platform its not because of the hardware (as Mojang most recently stated) its because that install base is market projected from a trend and in fact consumers were the ones that did themselves out of this console this Gen. All started with a rumour. Its long past time these Nintendo sites stop pandering to the clearly rampant socialization semantics and start telling them outright whats, what.

Eagerly anticipating Fast Racing NEO (LEAGUE gamers game there!) and Devils Third level editiing..

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