Nintendo Unmasks the Octolings in Splatoon with Hilarious Tweet Translation

By Jorge Ba-oh 23.07.2015

The Japanese Splatoon Twitter account has shared a new concept sketch of an unmasked Octoling, eyeballs and all.

The rival race in the Wii U shooter are notorious for wearing cybernetic masks, their nippy speed and rather scary accuracy with a shooter. Until now, Nintendo have showcased these creatures with a mask covering their faces in concept art, but a new piece could be hinting at something in store for the Octolings.

Speculation that's currently floating across the Internet suggests that the Octolings may well become playable in some way, given that their character models are fairly similar to the Inkling protagonists. Playable Octolings has already been done by a fan, however.

Amusingly, the machine-translated copy of the Tweet in English states how "Look good and something a bit different like... Oh, Oh!! Oh Oh, boobs!" We kid you not.

Do you think the Octolings will become more involved in the Splatoon experience in the future?

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