Standard or Gyro Controls in Splatoon?

By Jorge Ba-oh 25.07.2015 4

Standard or Gyro Controls in Splatoon? on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Nintendo has revealed just how much the gyro controls have impacted the Splatoon experience, with a majority of players using them.

One of the unique aspects of the popular Wii U shooter is the implementation of optional motion controls within the GamePad controller. Nintendo's Tsubasa Sakaguchi, co-director for Splatoon, told Eurogamer in an interview this week that the team "were slightly concerned about whether users might feel the gyro controls were a little bit difficult."

However, he likens the setup to that of a bicycle, where "once you've learnt that the bicycle becomes one with your body and it opens the whole world to you."

He also revealed how around 70-80 percent of players are using the gyro controls, and how Nintendo feel that this setup is "the best way to play Splatoon, he reason being there are two main movements you need for a shooter. One is moving the body, the other is aiming where you're shooting." 

Do you use standard or gyro controls in Splatoon?

User Poll: Do you use standard or gyro Controls in Splatoon?

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Standard controls are 'orrible! Find it really slow/sluggish - am just not used to the dual analogue setup.

Gyro all the way! Do correct sometimes with the right analogue, but it just feels a lot quicker to splat those goons.

Cubed3 Admin/Founder & Designer

I tried gyro controls for a few hours, but didn't like it. People who do use it probably do have a slight advantage, but meh, I don't care enough that I'd force myself ot use them. I'd rather slouch back in my chair and relax when I play.

I do pretty well, the majority of the time, so not sure there's that much difference.

I've never actually tried the standard controls, but based on how well gyro works I'm not sure I'd like them. I like being able to subtly move the Game Pad to finely aim.

I'd rather slouch back in my chair and relax when I play.

Defo doesn't need big movements for it - subtle tilts on the GamePad are all that's needed really imo

Cubed3 Admin/Founder & Designer

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