Watch Nintendo at Gamescom on Twitch

By Jorge Ba-oh 28.07.2015

Watch Nintendo at Gamescom on Twitch on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Can't make it to Gamescom this year? Not to worry, Nintendo will be hosting a live stream from the event on Twitch.

Attendees will be able to go hands-on with a wide range of evergreen and upcoming Nintendo Wii U and 3DS games, including the likes of Super Mario Maker, Skylanders SuperChargers, Star Fox Zero, Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash and The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes.

There'll also be an appearance from the vocal tones of Mario himself, Charles Martinet, plus a fan-art exhibition, Monster Hunter community event, various tournaments, indie Nintendo games... the list goes on.

The action will be streamed live on the Nintendo Deutschland Twitch page next week - between August 6-8th inclusive.

Are you planning on visiting Gamescom this year?   

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