The Slosher in Splatoon Has Some Height

By Jorge Ba-oh 29.07.2015 1

The Slosher in Splatoon Has Some Height on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Nintendo have shared a brief snippet of just how the big ol' bucket in Splatoon works, the new Slosher weapon.

As part of the August Splatoon DLC update, the game will get a brand new weapon type for players to scoop up ink with ease. The Slosher provides a scooping action, which sprays a dollop of ink to some considerable distance - and with added height to boot - perfect for nabbing those who lurk above.


The Splatoon DLC pack will also include new multiplayer options, new music and maps to conquer.

Will you try out the Slosher in Splatoon?

Box art for Splatoon








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terence (guest) 30.07.2015#1

definite Yes from me. I got all weapons,all gear and i'll get the big bucket as well. Yea I've got all the gear but no idea !

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