Lights, Camera, Action! | Talking Pictures Podcast: Episode 11

By Freda Cooper 06.08.2015

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The dogs have their day in the latest edition of Talking Pictures, the audio version of Lights, Camera, Action! presented by Freda Cooper. In cinemas, Max looks at a military dog and the relationship with his handler, while the dogs in Hungarian award winner, White God - released on DVD this week - are much less disciplined and go on the rampage.

The show also takes a peek inside The Diary of a Teenage Girl, another of the week's new releases, alongside a low-key flick featuring Al Pacino as an ageing recluse - Manglehorn. The other new DVDs include the second part of the Divergent series, Insurgent, and Admiral, a piece of Dutch maritime history.

There's also the new Top Five at the British Box Office and the latest movie news. It's twenty minutes of pure  movie goodness and it's on iTunes, TuneIn or right here at Cubed3:

Don't forget to stay up to date with the latest on Talking Pictures by hitting 'Like' on the official Facebook page and following Freda on Twitter, but, for now, plug in, tune in, and just enjoy.

By the way, Talking Pictures has reached the final of the UK Podcasters Awards, so a big "thank you" to everybody that nominated the show. The winners are decided by a combination of public vote and a panel of judges, so every person's vote is crucial. Please support Talking Pictures by using this link, and then following the instructions on the page.

The closing date is 31st August and the results are announced in mid-September. Thank you, in advance!

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