Lights, Camera, Action! | Talking Pictures Podcast: Episode 13

By Freda Cooper 22.08.2015

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What gets the Film of the Week accolade from Talking Pictures, the audio version of Lights, Camera, Action!? Is it the French-set comedy/drama Gemma Bovery? Perhaps it's the Griswold family taking their latest Vacation, or the little British film, A Dozen Summers? It could be one of the DVDs, like teen comedy The DUFF or mystical coming of age story, The Falling.

It's a great line-up for this week's show. Gemma Arterton is in the hot seat for The Big Interview as well, plus there's the new Top Five at the British Box Office and the latest movie news, all packed into under 20 minutes. Settle down and enjoy it on iTunes, TuneIn or right here on

Don't forget that it is possible to stay up to date with Talking Pictures by Liking the official Facebook page and following the show's presenter, Cubed3's very own film critic, Freda Cooper, on Twitter.

For those not aware, the countdown is on to vote for Talking Pictures, since now it's a finalist in the UK Podcasters Awards. The winners are chosen by a combination of a panel of judges and public opinion, so every vote matters. Just follow this link to the New Media Europe awards website, click on the 'Best TV/Film' category, and follow the instructions. It's as simple as that - and it could make Talking Pictures a winner. The closing date is Monday, 31st August, so please show some support.

The essential guide to the movies is ready and waiting, so it's time to plug in those headphones and enjoy!

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