Lights, Camera, Action! | Talking Pictures Podcast: Episode 14

By Freda Cooper 28.08.2015

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It's British films all the way on this week's edition of Talking Pictures, the audio version Lights, Camera, Action!, hosted by Cubed3's very own film critic, Freda Cooper. She takes a closer look at British drama, 45 Years, which already has trophies under its belt from the Berlin Film Festival, and predicts more awards success, especially for one of its stars, Charlotte Rampling, and the film's director, Andrew Haigh, is in the hot seat for The Big Interview.

The British theme continues on DVD, with the re-issue of Ealing classic comedy, The Maggie, and there's Brits galore in Disney's live action version of Cinderella, including Lily James and Helena Bonham Carter. Plus there's the new Top Five at the British Box Office and a look ahead at the line up for this year's Venice Film Festival, which opens next week.

It's all packed into less than 20 minutes, so check it out on iTunes, TuneIn or right here on Cubed3:

Keeping up to date with Talking Pictures is a doddle! Just 'Like' the official Facebook page or follow Freda on Twitter, and listening to it is even easier - just plug in those headphones for some total movie goodness.

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