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By Sam Edwards 04.09.2015

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Body (UK Rating: 15)

How far would someone go to maintain the appearance of their innocence? Written and directed by Dan Berk and Robert Olsen, Body seeks to answer this question. Relatable characters make the motion picture seem more realistic, even though at times the situation at hand would never realistically be passable. Disturbing in places and humorous at others, the spectacle at hand is one that will leave the viewers talking for a while.

Christmas Eve "Eve" (23rd December) three girls, Cali (Alexandra Turshin), Holly (Helen Rogers), and Mel (Lauren Molina) decide to party the night away. Initially beginning in Mel's home, Cali decides it's time to move on to her uncle's home where she is positive that the girls will have a good time. Upon going to this house, the audience soon discovers, this home is not Cali's uncle's home, it is in fact the home of the people she used to babysit for. This discovery is cut short by the Groundskeeper, Arthur (played by Larry Fessenden), checking to see why the house lights were on. After a brief scuffle, the girls have a body on their hands. Their situation at hand escalates from that point; with a few good twists and turns this movie is sure to keep the viewers on edge.

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When people are first introduced to the young women, they may seem like stereotypical college kids wanting to partake in alcohol and drug usage. As the night carries on, however, these girls soon evolve into people seeking a way to maintain their innocence at any cost. The main tension of the group comes from Cali, since she is the one making up all these ideas about what they should do with the body. This carries on throughout the movie until the end when the audience receives a shocking twist and a sudden development in character.

The actresses portraying these roles start off a little cheesy, but that's to be expected when these are supposed to be unruly teenagers. Turshin does a fantastic job of making the audience slowly hate her character in the flick, though. The other two, Rogers and Molina, play their parts well, but they don't seem to try and break any boundaries and come off as laughable at times. What makes them relatable to people (other than the initial college kid stage) is that many of the spectators may ask themselves what they would do in the situation these women have been presented with and whether or not they would try to follow suit.

The film itself begins pretty slowly, and some viewers may not stick through the first 15-20 minutes, but perseverance is definitely worth it for the payoff. As events progress, tension rises thanks to Cali and her ideas for what to do with this body in order to preserve their innocence. Plot twist after plot twist, the picture seems to never slow down except for those 15-20 minutes at the beginning. As a thriller, Body works well, but as an emotional drama full of turmoil, it works even better.

Rated 8 out of 10

Great - Silver Award

Rated 8 out of 10
With strong performances from basically no name actors, Body seeks to offer up a thrilling spectacle. What it instead provides is a good drama with some suspenseful moments and a lot of tension brought on by the characters included. The cheesy parts also add some enjoyment for those who want some less serious scenes. Viewers will walk away from this film feeling surprised and maybe even saddened by the final outcome. One to add to the 'worth a watch' list, with enough wide appeal to please many tastes.

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