Hayashi on the Star Fox Zero Visual Style

By Jorge Ba-oh 13.09.2015 1

Hayashi on the Star Fox Zero Visual Style on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Nintendo director Yugo Hayashi has discussed the visual direction in Star Fox Zero.

The ambitious new space shooter, in development for a Wii U release this winter, aims to create an immersive experience in tandem with the GamePad. One of the more notable aspects about the game is the visual direction, with fans slightly divided on the design of some of the stages shown so far.

Hayashi told Edge that because it's "the first time players will be using two screens like this on the Wii U, that led us to decide to base the graphical design on Lylat Wars." 

To those who have played the Nintendo 64 (and more recently, Nintendo 3DS) classic, he feels that "seeing the Arwing, which everyone is so familiar with, transform naturally into a land-based Walker will be a fun and exciting new experience."

What are your thoughts on the Star Fox Zero art-style?

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Like what I've seen so far - perhaps it could be better in visual quality (not design, more about textures/lighting), but it's the Star Fox game people have been asking for imo.

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